Prescott Import Car employs ASE Certified Master Technicians, a title which means that they are certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence on every mechanical and electrical component and system.

What is an ASE Certification?

Look for the ASE CertificationWhen automobile owners take their cars in to be repaired, they want to feel assured that the auto technicians know exactly what they’re doing. Cars may be a luxury item for some, but they can be an expensive necessity for many families.

The ASE Certification, created by the non-profit National Institute of Automotive Service Excellence, brings that peace of mind and security to vehicle owners, by testing and certifying automotive professionals. All motorists shopping for a mechanic, should look for the blue and white ASE Certification sign at their automotive mechanic’s location.

The ASE Certification has been in existence since 1972, and has now become the standard of excellence for employing every automotive professional. Automotive professionals who carry this certification are seen as experts in their field; having a high level of professionalism, proper training, and a commitment to continuing their automotive education.

Automobile owners should know that even if only one mechanic in an auto repair shop is ASE certified, the business is able to display the ASE seal in the shop. Consumers should be aware that they can inquire as to who the ASE certified mechanic is, and request his or her services, specifically.

How does an ASE Certification work?

Auto mechanics who are ASE certified are seen as quality candidates for employment in the automobile industry. There are very specific requirements and criteria that auto mechanics must meet to apply for an ASE certification. The applicant must be able to show at least two years of automotive work experience, and must be able to complete and pass one of the specialty exams. The test is only offered twice a year for those who are interested in obtaining the certification. The ASE tests come in a wide array of subject matters, and mechanics can choose a specific type of ASE certification; from brakes and suspensions to heating and cooling systems.

There is also an ASE Master Certification. An automotive professional who has already taken and passed ASE tests on a variety of subject matters, can choose to take the Master Certification test. The ASE Master Certification is given to insure excellence in a few different areas; truck equipment, school buses, transit buses, engine machinist, collision repair, and medium to heavy truck repair. Every specific area for the master test includes multiple exams that a mechanic must pass to obtain the master certification.

It is an ASE requirement that all certified automotive professionals renew this certification every five years.

Why does an ASE Certification matter?

Automobile owners have the right to know that their vehicles are being serviced and repaired by the best and most professional mechanics around. ASE Certifications assure consumers of the knowledge and mastery of a mechanic. With so many choices of auto repair shops and auto technicians, an ASE seal will allow a consumer to know that there is at least one serviceman on the premises with this level of education. Having ASE certified mechanics, benefit business owners just as much as it benefits consumers. Business owners in the auto industry will have confidence that they have hired qualified and experienced employees, which brings in new customers, and also retains the current clientele.