The state of Arizona currently has a law which bans the use of cellphones while driving, unless the device you’re using is in hands-free mode. This means you cannot hold or support a cellphone, you cannot read or send messages, and you can’t scroll through social media or watch videos on your smartphone. First-time offenders will be charged up to $150 and a second offense will be met with up to a $250 penalty.

All this means that if you’re going to be communicating with friends and family while driving, or if you’re a business person who needs to stay in touch, you’re going to need some kind of hands-free device in order to be in compliance. Many newer vehicles come from the factory with hands free options – generally using a Bluetooth connection that automatically connects the phone to the vehicle when the vehicle is started.  This allows for seamless hands-free calls, and can provide text message contents to be read aloud.

While those options are available for newer vehicles, there are millions of vehicles on the road that do not have this feature.  In those cases, the vehicle owners have to seek out options.  And options there are.  Here are some options which you might want to consider, which will help you avoid getting hit with a major fine by the Arizona authorities.

Jabra 100-46000000-02 Freeway Bluetooth In-Car Speakerphone

Jabra is a known brand in the world of wireless headsets, earphones, and speakers.  That Jabra Freeway is touted as of the first in-car speakerphones to have 3 speakers coupled with Virtual Surround Sound. Jabra claims that it produces sound so clear, you’ll think you’re talking to a passenger in the car. Also great for playing your favorite music. Prefer your car’s sound system? Just use the FM transmitter to send music and calls directly to your car radio. Dual-mic technology filters out everything but your voice. Background noises and honking cars disappear, so the other side hears you loud and clear. Use your voice to make and take calls completely hands-free; announces the name of the incoming caller.  A2DP streaming for playback of music, podcasts and directions from GPS applications.  This item has over 9,000 reviews on Amazon, and over 1,000 asked and answered questions.  MSRP: $75

Jabra Bluetooth Hands Free Speaker

Hammacher Schlemmer Speakerphone

This speakerphone has earned a designation as ‘Best Speakerphone’ because of its outstanding sound quality and clarity. It can be mounted easily on your visor, and after its initial coupling, will automatically connect with your iPhone or Android device when you get into the vehicle. You can use voice commands to make calls and to receive them, and you can also enjoy podcasts and music while driving. Once you charge the battery, the device will deliver 16 hours of service before requiring a re-charge.  MSRP is $79.95

Hammacher Speaker Phone
Andobil Car Phone Hands-Free Phone Holder

Offering a slightly different take on the hands-free approach, this car phone mounting device allows you to easily slip your cellphone into the mount before you begin driving, so your phone can be operated in hands-free mode while you’re traveling.  It’s a very inexpensive option which has a 360-degree swivel action so your phone can be mounted in portrait or landscape orientation.  MSRP is $29.95.Andobil Mount

Avantree New CK11 Hands-Free Bluetooth Cell Phone Car Kit

An inexpensive and easy to operate device, this kit is immediately ready for usage after having it paired with your cellphone. You can enjoy clear conversations with built-in 2W speakers, and it promotes safe driving by using Google Assistant or Siri for operations by command. It has 22 hours of battery life, and it’s equipped with a motion sensor which allows you to trigger normal operation simply by entering your vehicle. The CK11 device is also extremely easy to install, and could be put in place by any child who can read the directions.  MSRP: $34

Avantree Speaker Hands Free System

Plantronics Voyager 5200 – Bluetooth Headset

The Voyager 5200 is more of a personal headphone than it is a Bluetooth car speaker.  But that might be good news for some as this allows freedom to be in and out of your vehicle or office without the need to have your phone switch on and off of different Bluetooth devices.  The Voyager has four microphones which work in tandem to eliminate background noise, and its Windsmart technology senses wind direction and compensates for it so that all calls are crystal-clear. The Alexa personal assistant technology is built into this device so you can issue voice commands to accomplish all your communication tasks effortlessly and safely. A single charge of the battery will deliver up to sever hours of operation, with an additional nine hours of standby time.  MSRP: $119

Plantronics Voyager 5200


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