Audi drivers love their cars. Ask them why and you’ll get a surprising range of reasons. The brand has a reputation for innovative design and cutting-edge technology. From the driver’s point of view, reliability and customer service rate high.

Thinking about purchasing an Audi? Here’s a closer look at why so many drivers are choosing the Audi line.

2014 Audi RS 7 Hatchback

Customer Service and Satisfaction

In a survey conducted yearly by J.D. Power, Audi placed first in the highly respected 2016 Customer Service Index. That means owners chose Audi as the top performer among all automotive makes and models, from budget to premium. And in the three years prior, the brand made it into the Top 3.

The Index collected data from over 72,000 people who own and lease 2011 to 2015 vehicles. Audi scored 874 points out of a possible 1000. Audi scored highest in 2 critical categories, Maintenance and Repair. Drivers also rated them highly in several other categories, like Service Quality, Service Initiation and Vehicle Pickup.

The Index is an impartial look at customer satisfaction during the first 3 years of ownership. It looks at all aspects of dealer service, and the owner experience with both dealer and non-dealer shops.

Buying a used AudiReliability

Consumer Reports rates the line high in reliability and customer satisfaction. The German automaker, in business for over a century, has a long history of precision engineering and dependability.

Audi has long been a fierce competitor on the racetrack. For a decade, Audi predominated at Le Mans endurance race. The technology that let these cars master 24-hour race conditions is also used in consumer models.

Audi uses motorsport data to develop cutting edge features, safety devices and reliable design in its lineup of cars for the everyday driver. The same technology that lets a race car perform successfully in a 24-hour race can keep families safe on city streets and highways.

Driving Comfort

Award-Winning InteriorsAudi drivers say it’s like sitting in your favorite chair in the living room and barreling down the road at the same time. Audi prides itself on under-the-hood design, but ask most owners and they will talk about the interior design.

Seating is comfortable. Controls are conceived with driver safety and ergonomics in mind. The company has a reputation for superior materials, from the dashboard to the seating.

Drivers love the leather seats and the comfortable design. Details are important in Audi cars. Decorative inlays and other touches give interiors a timeless appeal. Buttons, levers and handles have a comfortable tactile feel. Even the smell of an Audi is better than most cars. The designers avoid materials like plastic parts that give off a disagreeable smell.

Winning Look

Owners describe their cars as attractive, appealing, classically good looking. Even older Audis have a look and feel that isn’t dated. Interiors and exteriors invite a second look.

Because the Audi brand has one of the largest line-up of models, shoppers can choose from a wide array of looks, sizes and features. If you’re looking for a sporty look, Audi has. If you want a family car, they have many to choose from. If you want a luxury car, they’ve got you covered.

Audi Innovation

Audi has a long reputation for technological innovation. According to Consumer Reports, people associate the brand with technology and style. Thirty-five years ago, they were first with a permanent all-wheel drive system in a vehicle built for the everyday driver. That spirit is going strong with Audi’s experiments with the E-tron electric model.

Here’s a look at how Audi is leading in technology:

  • Current conditions. Audi vehicles come with Audi Connect, giving the driver easy access to practical information. You can check the weather, get travel advice, see satellite imagery, and even find the best price on fuel where you’re driving.
  • Information management. Audi MMI is the driver’s nerve center. You can quickly and safely manage the wide array of data that is part of today’s driving experience. Switch playlists, check directions, even modify the ride dynamics on cars with Drive Select. To make it even simpler and safer, you can use either the touchpad or your voice.
  • Fuel efficiency. Everyone wants better fuel economy, but without losing power and performance. Audi delivers with Audi TFSI, merging direct injection with forced induction supercharging.
  • Visibility. Audi is a leader in automotive LED lighting. Other drivers can see you, and you can see what’s on the road. It makes the car far more visible day or night.
  • Lightweight. The Audi Ultra technology uses the latest materials to construct a car that is lightweight, improving performance and efficiency.

If you’re looking for comfort, beauty, reliability, good service and the latest technology, you just might want to own an Audi.

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