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Prescott Import Car has a team of experienced automotive professionals ready to service your Volvo. Our skilled technicians are ASE Master and L-1 Certified with over 60 years accumulative years of experience working on European and Asian manufactured vehicles. Whether you are simply need an emissions test or a full engine diagnostics on your Volvo vehicle, we will gladly take care of your automotive problems.

Volvo service and repairYou can find our shop conveniently located in Prescott, AZ. Call, email or stop by to book a servicing appointment for your Volvo vehicle. We offer a full line of services, such as oil changes, emissions testing, timing belts, tune-up, Volvo scheduled maintenance, ABS brake systems, tire rotation, alignment, vehicle inspections and much more. We know how essential a working vehicle is in today’s fast-paced world, which is why the majority of our Volvo services here at Prescott Import Car are completely same day.

Officially founded in 1927, Volvo is a Sweden-based manufacturer of cars, trucks, construction and marine equipment. During the company’s first year of business, less than 300 cars were sold. Today, however, Volvo is a world-renown auto manufacturer consistently ranking as a top by consumer reporting organizations. In 2011, sales of Volvo cars tallied just under half a million from approximately 2,300 dealers worldwide.

Something that you may notice when shopping for a Volvo car is the unique letter and number combination associated with the model. This can be somewhat confusing for newcomers who aren’t familiar with the system. If you are wondering what the letter associated with a Volvo car means, let me explain – basically, the S stands for sedan; the C stands for convertible; the V stands for versatile; and the XC stands for cross country. Understanding these abbreviations will make it shopping for a new or used Volvo vehicle easier and less time-consuming.

Recently, Volvo introduced a plug-in hybrid concept car known as the ReCharge. What makes this car different than other standard hybrid cars is the fact that it uses Hi-Pa Drive wheel motors instead of a standard transmission. Without the use of a transmission, the Volvo ReCharge gains an estimated 10-20% efficiency. Of course this vehicle is still in the concept stage, but it’s a bold move taken on the part of the Swedish auto manufacturer.

The most common complaint owners have regarding their Volvo car or truck is the inability to find a suitable service provider. Since it’s made across seas in Sweden, parts are oftentimes difficult for owners to find. If you live in or around the Prescott, AZ, you’ll be happy to hear that are fully trained and capable of servicing all Volvo models.

Keeping your Volvo car or truck properly maintained offers a number of different benefits, from increasing the gas mileage to better handling. In addition, a well-maintained car will last longer without giving you any problems, and that’s something we can all benefit from!

We offer full service on all Volvo model cars and trucks, including the following:

  • Volvo V60
  • Volvo S60
  • Volvo S60R
  • Volvo V70
  • Volvo V70R
  • Volvo V50
  • Volvo XC50
  • Volvo C70

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