Mercedes Service and Repair

Prescott Import Car Service offers a wide range of automotive services for Mercedes vehicles.

  • Our experienced team of ASE Master and L-1 Certified automotive professionals will work around the clock to exceed your expectations.
  • From basic preemptive maintenance and emissions testings to engine and drive train repair, we have you covered.
  • Just give us a call, email or stop by our shop located in Prescott, AZ to book an appointment today.

Mercedes-Benz Service and Repair in PrescottOur highly trained staff of ASE Master and L-1 certified professionals have over 60 years of experience working on import cars such as Mercedes. Whether your Mercedes requires routine maintenance or major repairs, you can rest assured knowing that you are in good hands at Prescott Import Car Service.

We want our customers to have a comfortable, hassle-free servicing experience. You can stop by our shop at 710 Ruth Street in Prescott, AZ to see why so many Mercedes owners choose us to service their vehicles. We operate a clean, friendly environment that’s focused on exceptional customer service. In addition, our shop offers a free local shuttle car service, key drop off box, rental cars and much, much more.

Prescott Import Car Service offers preventive maintenance services like engine tuneups, oil changes, scheduled maintenance and comprehensive inspections. However, we are also fully trained to tackle more serious problems with Mercedes cars and vehicles, such as engine repair, transmission repair and drive train replacement.

If you aren’t sure what the problem is with your Mercedes car or vehicle, don’t worry – our trained staff of automotive professionals will perform a thorough inspection and diagnostics of your vehicle to identify any underlying issues. Once the problem is identified, we will then discuss the best course of servicing available for your Mercedes vehicle.

Of course Prescott Import Car offers more than just basic oil changing services for Mercedes cars and trucks.

  • We perform wheel alignments,
  • brake pad replacement,
  • engine diagnostics,
  • fuel injection cleaning,
  • alternator repair and replacement,
  • and more. If there’s a problem with your Toyota vehicle, we can fix it!

Mercedes-Benz is a German automobile manufacturer that’s most known for its long line of luxury cars, SUVs, trucks and buses. Originally founded in 1886, Mercedes-Benz is one of the oldest automobile manufacturers in the world. With that said, however, it wasn’t until 1901 when the first Mercedes car hit the market. Over the years, much has changed with Mercedes cars and vehicles, but their main goal remains the same – to produce high-end, luxurious vehicles that simply can’t be found elsewhere.

Having your Mercedes routinely maintenance is essential to its longevity. Keeping the engine tuned up, oil changed, tires rotated, etc., will naturally allow your vehicle to run more efficiently. In fact, there are even some instances where owners have driven their Mercedes for over one million miles, which is an impressive feat to say the least! Mercedes-Benz actually formed a club specifically for recognizing owners who drive their Mercedes vehicles for extended lengths. This program, known as the Mercedes-Benz High Mileage Club, recognizes drivers for 155,000, 312,000, 466,000, 625,000 and 1,000,000 miles.

While we can’t can’t guarantee you will be the next owner to drive a Mercedes car over a million miles, we can help your car run more efficiently through our wide variety of services.

The Mercedes-Benz S-Class is one of the company’s most popular models. Time and time again it’s won various awards including “Best Luxury Car,” “Car of The Year,” and “Safest Passenger Car of The Year.”

If your Mercedes-Benz car or vehicle needs servicing, don’t hesitate to bring it into our shop. Give us a call or stop by our shop today to learn more about our Mercedes service options.

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