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Has your Honda car or truck been acting up recently?  Whether your vehicle won’t start or the dreaded “check engine” light is coming on, it’s important that you get these problems fixed in a timely and professional manner. Many car owners place these auto repair and maintenance issues on the back burner, which only compounds the problem while it becomes progressively worse. If this sounds familiar, give us a call or stop by to make an appointment for your Honda vehicle.

Honda Vehicle Service and RepairOur team of dedicated automotive professionals here at Prescott Import Car are standing by and ready to service your Honda car or truck. While appointments are recommended for lower wait times and faster turnaround, walk-ins are completely fine as well. We are conveniently located in Prescott Valley, AZ at the intersection of Ruth St. and Hillside Ave.

If you drive a Honda vehicle, chances are you’ve noticed the “check engine” or “maintenance required”  light come on before. Sometimes it will flash upon cranking your vehicle, while other times it will remain on when the engine is running. Unfortunately, most drivers have no clue what these lights stand for, creating confusion among Honda owners. Driving around with this light on could be a sign of serious trouble, or it could be quick fix.

One of the most common reasons why the “check engine” light comes on in Honda vehicles is due to a faulty or damaged gas cap. If the cap isn’t fully tightened after gassing up at the pump, Honda’s internal system may notice this problem and trigger the light to come on in response. Cracked or broken gas caps will also trigger the “check engine” light, as fumes will escape from the fuel tank and throw pressure off balance.

A broken or damaged gas cap may also cause your Honda vehicle to fail an emissions test. Even if everything else with your vehicle is perfectly find and running smoothly, something as simple as a faulty gas cap could throw your emissions off, causing you to fail the test.

Some of the other reasons why the “check engine” light may flick on in a Honda car or truck include a malfunctioning catalytic convertor, worn spark plugs, rusted wiring or various problems with the vehicle’s internal gauges. The good news is that a simple diagnostic test at our service center in Chino Valley, AZ will reveal what’s causing the light.

Our experienced team of automotive professionals are also fully trained to perform scheduled maintenance for Honda cars and trucks. To determine when your vehicle requires routine maintenance, browse through the owner’s manual. It should contain information regarding inspections, maintenance and repairs.

No matter what maintenance or service your Honda vehicle requires, you can rest assured knowing you are in safe hands here at Prescott Import Car.

We offer full service on all Honda model cars and trucks, including the following:

  • Honda Accord
  • Honda Civic
  • Honda Civic Hybrid
  • Honda CR-V
  • Honda CR-Z
  • Honda Crosstour
  • Honda Ridgeline
  • Honda Fit
  • Honda Odyssey
  • Honda Pilot
  • Honda Inside
  • And all other Honda models…

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