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Acura MDX Service PrescottFor dependable Acura service and repair, Prescott Import Car Service offers a full line of services to all Acura models. Whether you require scheduled vehicle maintenance, new brake pads and shoes, or just an oil change, Prescott Import Car is ready to service your Acura.

Acura Service and Repair by Certified Technicians

Our team of highly trained automotive professionals know the ins and outs of Acuras. With over 60 accumulative years of experience working on foreign cars such as Acuras, you can rest assured knowing your vehicle is being well taken care of at Prescott Import Car Service.

Far too many Acura drivers overlook the importance of maintenance. While Acuras are some of the most reliable cars on the market, they still require routine servicing to run efficiently. Neglecting to have this performed will result in faster wear of your vehicle.

One of the most basic procedures necessary for an Acura car is a tuneup. Depending on your vehicle’s specific needs, this may include services like a physical inspection, replacing the spark plugs, changing the engine filter, fuel filer and PVC filter. Having a tuneup performed on your Acura vehicle will increase its performance and overall efficiency.

Acura RLX Service PrescottOf course, oil changes are another common form of maintenance that’s required for Acura cars and vehicles. I think we’ve all been guilty of driving our vehicles long after they were due for an oil change. While your car may still crank and drive, the lack of fresh oil in the engine will gradually create problems under the hood. Oil is used for two main purposes – it lubricated all of the mechanical components, and it pulls heat away from the engine. Without oil, the parts in and around the engine will heat up to higher temperatures, which can result in overheating. The bottom line is that you need to keep the oil changed in your Acura ever 3,000-5,000 miles (see your owner’s manual for more information).

Founded in 1986, Acura is a Japanese automobile manufacturer that’s known for its high-performance cars and SUVs. It’s a little-known fact that Acura is actually a division of Honda. Acura was created as a means to market luxury vehicles to North America. During the company’s initial first year of business, Honda has already opened up 60 Acura dealerships throughout North America, giving their new automotive company a head start in the industry.

In addition to their consumer-grade cars, Acura also takes an active role in the technology and manufacturing of racing, such as the Sports Car Club of America (SSCA). The company’s advanced engine technology and headstrong attitude towards automotive improvements had given it an edge in the racing community.

Like all vehicles, Acuras require basic routine maintenance to run smoothly. As previously stated, this included services like tuneups, oil changes, brake pad replacement, tire alignment, etc. Failing to have these services performed on your Acura will result in a less efficient vehicle that wears down faster than normal. The good news is that Prescott Important Car is ready to perform and preventive maintenance your Acura car or vehicle requires.

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