Bosch Precision Wheel Alignment System

Bosch Wheel AlignmentPrescott Import Car Service is excited to announce that it now offers wheel alignment services to its customers. Built with German precision, our new Bosch 3D camera alignment system will allow us to restore your car’s suspension to its factory settings. Potholes, curbs or just everyday wear and tear on your car’s steering and suspension components can cause its wheels to become misaligned, triggering premature tire wear. Driving a car with properly aligned tires saves you money on costly tire replacements and makes your overall driving experience more pleasant and safe by ensuring your car handles properly.

Next time you bring your car in we’ll take note of any abnormal tire wear while performing routine maintenance on your vehicle. You’ll be able to have the problem fixed right away, without the hassle of having to take your car to a shop that only performs wheel alignments. This saves you time and money, and you know our trained technicians will do the work correctly.

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