VW Factory Authorized and Why It Counts

We at Prescott Import Car Service are quite proud to be Yavapai County’s ONLY Factory Certified VW service and repair center. With that, we wanted to take a minute to explain exactly what that means and why it is important to Volkswagen owners in Prescott, Prescott Valley, and all through Yavapai County.

UPDATE OCTOBER 1, 2015:  If you are wondering whether you’re impacted by the recent emissions problems faced by Volkswagen, click here for information.

VW Auto Das AutoEveryone has heard the term ‘factory-authorized’ on radio and television commercials, especially as it pertains to doing repair work or providing service for appliances and vehicles. Probably not too many people have stopped to think about what that term actually means though, and whether it has any real value to a customer who needs service or repair work done.

Benefits of being factory-authorized

For owners of Volkswagen vehicles, when you hear that a service or repair station is factory-authorized, it amounts to a guarantee that any required work will be done correctly. Technicians who work on vehicles at Prescott Import Car Service have had special training from Volkswagen, and have been provided with information that qualifies them to expertly perform whatever maintenance might be needed on your vehicle. What this means is that you don’t need to take your vehicle back to the dealer where you purchased it, because you can have confidence that all work will be done in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications at the factory-authorized shop. In short, you can get the same warrantied service right here in Prescott and not have to travel to Phoenix!

How a shop becomes factory-authorized

In order for a repair shop to become factory-authorized, the service technicians who will be performing the maintenance work on Volkswagen vehicles must be specially trained by Volkswagen to ensure that the proper techniques are being used for all services performed. They are also instructed in the most current diagnostic techniques to use, as well as the unique features of Volkswagen vehicles that must be known in order to keep them running smoothly. Then the service station must apply for and be granted a status of factory-authorized representative by Volkswagen, so that customers are aware of their special capabilities.

What it all means to the customer

Because these requirements are so exacting for technicians, and the dealership itself must be recognized by Volkswagen as a qualified repair agent for its vehicles, all Volkswagen owners can have the confidence that comes from knowing even the maker of their vehicle cannot service it any better.

It means that when repair work or regular maintenance is needed, it won’t be necessary to schedule an appointment with a dealer which might be far away, and that the vehicle can be taken to the nearby factory-authorized shop instead. The customer will also know that the person working on his or her car has been trained in the latest diagnostic and repair techniques by experts from Volkswagen, so that the work will be done according to exact specifications.

In short, what factory-authorized means to the customer is – convenience and peace of mind.

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