Diesel Powered Cars and SUVsYou have probably seen many models of import vehicles available with diesel engines.  We are often asked “why diesel” by our customers as they look for advice on buying a new car.  Most everyone is familiar with diesel engines in terms of big trucks, but not so much in cars.  We hope the information below helps answer those questions.

Modern diesel vehicles are cleaner, quieter and more fuel-efficient than they ever have been in the past. Today’s diesel engines do not produce the black smoke or pingy-sounds that earlier diesel engines did. Diesel power is all about great fuel economy, and unlike hybrid power it delivers on the highway as well as city streets.  Modern diesel engines are usually turbocharged and burn extremely clean, with many models employing a urea injection system that purifies the exhaust stream.  The combination of clean-burning low-sulfur fuel, improved control of particulate emissions and refined performance has made the diesel engine popular again in a wide range of vehicles, even everyday cars and SUVs.

There are some advantages to having a car with a diesel engine over a gasoline burning engine. Here are some reasons why diesel can be better.

  1. The biggest concern for many of us is gas mileage. Gasoline and diesel fuel are both expensive. Getting a car with good gas mileage is essential for financial well being. It is also better for the environment. Volkswagen and BMW make some of the most popular diesel cars. These cars get 40 MPG or better! That’s better than some of the hybrid cars like the Smart Car.  Both BMW and Volkswagen are known for making quality cars.
  2. These cars have what I like to call VROOM power. They can pack a punch and leave the other cars behind. Most gas saving cars sacrifice speed. Most fast cars sacrifice gas mileage. With diesel powered cars you can have both.
  3. In terms of power and acceleration, the diesel powered cars generally leave the hybrid cars in the dust. It is hard to beat 40 to 50 MPG. It is impossible to beat 40 to 50 MPG and have a super high powered vehicle.
  4. Additionally, diesel itself is often cheaper than regular gasoline. Next time you drive by a gas station, take a look. Diesel fuel can be as much as 10 cents cheaper per gallon than regular fuel. Please note, it is not always cheaper but more often than not it costs less.

Another marvelous thing about diesel is that not only do diesel vehicles get better mileage, diesel itself is more environmentally friendly. Modern clean diesel has made amazing strides in the cleaner fuel area. Diesel used to emit horrible black smoke and be terrible for the environment. Now diesel produces less smoke and causes less smog.

More than just being a better burning petroleum based fuel, another advantage is diesel engines is that many of them can burn biodiesel without much if any modification. Biodiesel is a renewable resource. In fact, it can be made out of old cooking grease. Maybe McDonalds is better for us than we thought. Don’t just pour any bio diesel into a diesel car however. Always check to make sure that the engine is able to handle biodiesel. Also, not all biodiesel is the same. Sometimes a biodiesel/regular diesel mixture is needed.

Diesel has come a long way from what is was just a decade ago. It is now cleaner, quiet and has better mileage. It also is now used in more cars rather than only big trucks. For those wanting speed and cost effectiveness, a diesel engine just might be the best option.

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