Making adjustments for extraordinary times

In order to protect the customers of Prescott Import Car Service and its employees from the ill effects of the Corona virus COVID-19 we’ve had to make a few changes to minimize customer contact in the way we operate. We hope that you will understand the reason for our concern and adjust to our changes.

  1. We will close our waiting room and no one will be allowed to wait here for their car. All vehicles must be left with us for most of the day. We also can no longer offer shuttle rides.
  2. We will also not allow customers into the building. All conversation will take place by phone, text or email. The keys will be placed in a key drop envelope (located to the right of the door) and put it through the mail slot in the front door.
  3. We will disinfect your keys before touching them and all employees that touch your car will be wearing protective gloves to minimize transmission.
  4. We will contact you by phone or text as we have in the past about anything your car may need and what it will cost and when we will have the requested work finished, just as we’ve always done.
  5. When your car is completed, we will call to notify you and take payment over the phone.
  6. When you come to pick up your car, simply locate your car in our parking lot and drive away.

We hope you will understand the reasons for these changes and help us to implement them successfully during this trying time for everyone and look forward to the time when we can communicate face to face again as in the past.

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